Prestige Coin

The next-generation crypto-asset by Prestige Technologies Corp.

Prestige Coin – the next-generation crypto-asset

The new digital asset

A digital revolution is here and the future of money is digital. Rethink money as a digital asset that appreciates over time compared to the reducing purchasing power of fiat currency that depreciates due to inflation. 

Send Money Instantly

Built to the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum network, Prestige Coin can be easily owned, sent, and received.

Your Assets Stored Digitally

Prestige Coin is a digital asset that is expected to appreciate greatly in value.

Blockchain Security

Every transaction is made on a ledger and secured on the blockchain.

To faciliate payment transfers

Peer-to-peer transfer

Easy, fast, cross-border and seamless. The way payment should be. The Prestige Coin is not just about the token itself, we intend to build the Prestige ecosystem of decentralised finance, including payments, wallets, exchange, loans and more.

Digital asset beyond just money

Rethinking money

Prestige Coin is more than just money, it is the next-generation digital asset with limited supply. Fiat money can be printed infinitely with no limits to supply, but Prestige Coin is capped to a fixed limit with no new tokens minted ever and forever. Scarcity creates value and Prestige Coin is set to retain its value and grow as an unique digital asset class on its own.

Blockchain security

Immutable & Secure

Every transaction is recorded transparently and immutably on a distributed ledger on a decentralised network, secured by blockchain technology. No one can modify the blockchain ledger or the transaction records – not even us (our team of developers).

About the PRESTIGE Technologies Corp

Backed by PRESTIGE

We are Prestige Technologies Corp – a global fintech and investment holdings company that issues the Prestige Coin. We aim to develop Prestige Coin as the next-generation crypto-asset and the world’s top digital asset. Prestige Coin was created to be a real digital coin with true value. 

The earliest pioneer of Prestige Coin enjoy the greatest rewards and benefits. Download the whitepaper to find out more, or simply express your interest via any of the channels below and our team will get back to you.

Gain early access to the next-generation crypto-asset

Enjoy the greatest rewards and benefits from being the earliest pioneer of Prestige Coin. Built to the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum network, Prestige Coin is a blockchain-based digital asset projected to appreciate and can be easily owned, sent, and received.

Overall supply capped at fixed limit creating scarcity.

Tokens to be gradually released with increasing price in each round.

One-third of the supply reserved exclusively for buyers of Prestige share tokens at the best possible price before Prestige Coin is listed on any exchange.

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Peer-to-peer (P2P) money

Easy and borderless payment transfer with low fees.

Digital Asset

High growth potential in asset value.

Decentralised Finance

The Prestige ecosystem of payments and loans.

Fast & Secure

Securely transacted on the blockchain

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